About Us

Our country, and the entire world faces multiple challenges as we look toward the future. As the world becomes more complicated, the issues and problems we face become more intertwined. Advancements in environmental protection have impacts on energy policy. The way the world handles agriculture and food waste as well as plastic usage impacts recycling and waste management. Investments in infrastructure, if managed properly can either have a positive impact on public health and the environment or could be a missed opportunity.

Over the last fifty years Americans have made tremendous progress in environmental protection. All environmental indicators, such as the 77% reduction in air pollution, have improved. However, the advancements to date have been the least expensive low hanging fruit, mostly focused on single issues and single media such as water pollution, air pollution, waste issues, or chemical policy. The environmental, energy, agriculture, and infrastructure issues for the next generation are more complex and require cross-cutting, multifaceted solutions.

Eagle Mill Consulting combines over fifty years of practical experience to help position organizations to deal with the challenges we face. The principals in the firm include former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler and EPA Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Molina. Together their experience includes federal government experience in addition to the EPA, the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, State and the United States Senate in addition to almost twenty years in the private sector advising fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and private entities.

Eagle Mill Consulting provides expert advice and consulting services to businesses, governments, NGOs, and other entities on all facets of environmental, energy, infrastructure, and agriculture/food waste issues. Our advice centers on the decisions and impacts of the federal government and how States, local governments and corporations react to those decisions. We bring real world solutions and advice to give our clients an important edge in dealing with the challenges of tomorrow.

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